As well as supporting GCSE and A level studies we run occasional classes for adults (14yrs plus). Below is the feedback from our last Life Drawing 2 day (Sundays 1pm – 4pm) workshop, led by Helen Edwards and Kieran Cox.  A whole range of drawing and painting materials were available and provided.


Asked What did you like about the class…..


Everything ! It was really different and really difficult – but amazing for making you really look and see and find new ways through it.


I liked drawing in lots of different ways which I wouldn’t usually try, like using our opposite hands and drawing with scribbled lines.


The structure of activities. Building up to proportions, freedom to pick your own medium.


I liked the opportunity to draw from a live model and the fact that we could work independently but also have help at hand.

Loved all the different techniques we were encouraged to use, particularly the random scribbles and the layering of colour. Really great to have all the materials out at the ready as well.


Very helpful exercises eg, left hand, continuous line, spaces in between, Advice * but not intrusive. Excellent model. Good length of class – exercises good warm up for longer drawings. Good range of materials inc. paper. *Very good instruction.





It was really really good, they have lots of materials and the teachers are really nice, they help you when it is needed but not too much, so I loved it and had fun!

 Holiday class student aged 9

 My 9 year old son doesn't get any art instruction at school and so was interested in attending Jo's workshop.  He found it really inspiring and after day one he came home having made etchings, on day two he stunned us with a furry wolf sculpture. It was impressive to see

how much freedom of choice of materials the children had and everyone was working on something different of their own.  Seeing all the children working on their own ideas individually and not just copying a teacher on a set theme was refreshing.

 From the moment my son arrived he was asked questions about his likes and started work. He obviously felt listened to, inspired and helped by the end of the day without feeling lectured.

After the first day he said Jo was so nice he felt he had known her for ages! He will definitely attend again

Holiday class parent

The tutors have a very special way of connecting with the children and enabling them to choose the path of their piece.  They are so pleased with their pieces too and very excited that they can come back in the summer.

 Holiday class parent


What would you say is unique about ArtWorks ?


Parent  - The amount of 1-1 attention the children get and the opportunities for them to pursue their own interests, but with guidance from an expert; The focus on actual skills teaching rather than just making things; the wide age range (being able to see what older children are doing / making). Also, from a practical point of view, the flexibility in the holidays to book for just one day or several.

My daughter has definitely learned a lot of skills relating to drawing and making which have transferred into what she does at home, and enabled her to do a wider range of things independently (she is now more of an expert than me in many areas!)

 Student - Using real materials and tools. A lot more freedom than at school.

We have not tried any other art courses- and sohave nothing to compare - but both my daughter and I were impressed with the number of experienced people to help her and high staff to child ratio. Also my daughter was surprised and excited by the range of activities and different media and access to different equipment. The mix of ages, experience and ability within the same studio times is well managed and makes the classes balanced and inclusive with the opportunity for 'buddying' and 'cross fertilisation' of ideas.

The classes provide a calm and relaxed environment which allows the child to focus without distraction and work to the best of their ability. This somewhat intense working environment might not suit all students but it does seem to provide the right balance of work and fun - and achieves excellence in the results.

Great studio space - calm, quiet natural setting, great natural daylight and with outdoor areas and playground to let off steam.

Parent of 9yr old holiday class student.

 First, here is my sons feedback. I asked him what he liked/got out of coming and what he would change or like to see more of. These are his answers, mostly verbatim. 'I wouldn’t change anything! I really like the fact that you can do things there that you can’t do at home. You get access to loads of materials you don't have at home.'

He said he likes to experiment when he is there. I like meeting new people and sharing ideas

I have noticed that he is always happy to come even if he doesn’t think he will know anyone.

Jo and Helen are really encouraging and kind; they show you new techniques, help you if you go wrong but you can do your own ideas I asked him why that was important and he said It helps your imagination. He likes the structure of the day with lunch and a stretch of the legs.

Pretty interesting stuff!

From my point of view, he loves coming. He looks forward to it.

He is proud of what he brings home and clearly thinks about ideas and projects between sessions. For example, he went to the Warhol Exhibition at the Ashmolean, and got fired up about the prints especially the copper plates and urine! He immediately said I want to try out more printing with Jo ... without the urine he clarified!

Without sounding too pretentious I think it encourages him to be creative and indulge his own imagination in a supportive and nurturing environment.  I think coming has also encouraged him to think of himself as an artist, not just someone who likes art.  He has learnt new skills which is good, but as shown by his comments, he clearly sees it as a space to experiment in and learning skills is part of the process not the object of coming.

 I feel the classes offer excellent value for money. My son gets lots of personal attention, gentle guidance and teaching as appropriate to him, and access to a wide range of materials.


Holiday class parent.