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ArtWorks School of Art and Design was established
by Joanne and Peter Acty in 1988, and is based in
the University town of Oxford in the UK.
The school offers extra tuition and encouragement
in art to young people from 7-18yrs of age.



The school has approximately 80 regular
students split into small weekly groups and offers
tuition with a wide range of materials and
techniques from painting, drawing and
printmaking to textiles and 3d sculpture in wire,
paper mache and breeze block, and we are still
Classes are also available throughout all school
vacations. Details of these classes will be posted
in the News section of the site.

The School also teaches and advises older students
on National Curriculum coursework in Art and
Art History aboth GCSE and A level, and provides
portfolio advice for students preparing for further

From the begining, Artworks has developed extensive experience in facilitating art projects with all age
groups and abilities, and has been working with numerous schools,museums, hospitals and community
projects in Oxfordshire.

A huge part of our enjoyment as artists comes from teaching and sharing our enthusiasm
for the creative process.

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